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Duty Of Care Is Everyone's Responsibility

Do your employees have a thorough understanding of the risks of international employment? Does your organization understand the risk and is it capable of reacting in an emergency situation?

Safeguarding employees once outside their home countries is a complex task. There are a variety of legal, financial, and moral considerations when it comes to protecting your employees from issues that arise. Health and safety issues range form large-scale natural disasters to more common, but significant incidents such as disease outbreaks, car accidents, theft, illness or injury.

How Is Sitata Different?

Increase Awareness

Sitata can help your organization increase awareness and develop or expand your policies and procedures to mitigate the risks involved with international employment. Governments do not always provide up-to-date information on such things as infectious disease outbreaks. Occasionally, attempts are made to withhold information that might be critical for the health of your employees. Because Sitata monitors multiple official and unofficial sources of information, government reticence can often be by-passed to protect your employees’ health and welfare.

Perform Due Diligence

Let Sitata help your organization perform its due diligence. Sitata can provide risk assessments and develop employee emergency response plans.

Real-Time Crisis Monitoring & Response

Sitata constantly monitors thousands of international and local newspapers worldwide to keep travellers aware of local situations. We leverage this advanced technology to keep your organization aware of possible threats to your employees.

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