Sitata monitors the world 24/7 for travel related alerts such as a new disease outbreak or a violent protest. If you would like to show your visitors the latest travel related alerts occurring around the world on your website, feel free to use our alert map.

If you need mapping as a tool for your office, or would like to keep your travellers informed while they're away, feel free to check out our company platform. Our platform will allow you to create private accounts for travellers so that they can stay aware if something is happening near them while travelling.

Step 1: Include multi_map.js

Include the following javascript snippet just before the closing body tag on the page you would like the map to appear on.

<script type="text/javascript" src="//www.sitata.com/widgets/multi_map/multi_map.js"></script>
<!-- The line above should be placed just before your closing 'body' tag -->

You only need to include this snippet once, for any of Sitata's mapping widgets, even if you would like multiple maps on the same page.

Is Any Of This Overwhelming?

If you need help placing a Sitata map into your website, simply contact us. and we'll be glad to help you!

Step 2: Insert A Container For The Map

Include a container element such as a div to hold the map. The data attributes set on the container define various properties for the map.

<div data-behavior='sitata-map' data-height='400', data-width='500' data-locale="es" data-maptype='alerts'></div>
<!-- An element like the one above can be placed anywhere on your page that you want a map -->


Attribute Accepted Values Description
data-behavior (required) sitata-map This attribute is required and designates the element as one that will contain a map.
data-maptype (required) alerts Designate the map to show the latest alerts rather than another type of map.
data-height (required) Integer Sets the height of the map element. Specified in pixels.
data-width (required) Integer Sets the width of the map element. Specified in pixels.
Value Description
en English
es Spanish
de German
fr French
it Italian
hu Hungarian
ro Romanian
ar Arabic
pl Polish
pt Portuguese
nl Dutch
sv Swedish
fi Finnish
nn Norwegian
da Danish
Sets the language to show within the map.