Kyasanur Forest Disease Vaccine

The vaccine for Kyasanur Forest Disease (KFD) consists of an inactivated KFD virus that is produced in tissue-culture and preserved in formalin. The vaccine has a 62% effectiveness rate for individuals who receive two doses. For individuals who receive an additional dose, the effectiveness increases to almost 83%.

What are the side effects?

In a 1994 study, 61,302 people received two doses of vaccine. No untoward reactions were observed in any of the vaccinated persons.

What is the dosage schedule?

For the control of outbreaks, the vaccination strategy consists of 2 vaccine doses that are administered at least 1 month apart to persons 7–65 years of age. Vaccine-induced immunity is short-lived, so the first booster dose of vaccine is recommended within 6–9 months after primary vaccination; thereafter, annual booster doses are recommended for 5 years after the last confirmed case in the area.