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Improve engagement, increase revenue, and delight travellers with policy integrated mobile travel tools to protect the well being of your travellers anywhere in the world and showcase your brand as a leader in the market.

The competitive landscape is changing at a rapid pace. Innovative and disruptive technologies are driving the need to operate differently. The world is mobile and companies need new solutions to keep up with the pace of new technologies and connectivity. Sitata delivers innovative health and safety solutions for travel insurance, airlines, travel management companies, and travel agencies to meet the expectations of today’s ultra-connected travellers.

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Improve Your Mobile Offering

By providing policyholders with essential, destination specific health & safety information prior to their travels, potential risks can be mitigated. During travel, Sitata can provide critical information such as emergency numbers, integrated maps and directions to an approved clinic or hospital, global assistance hot-lines, and real-time alerts and warnings to avert trip disruptions. Being prepared, informed, and well aware helps to prevent possible injury and illness, and to keep the need for travel insurance coverage 'top of mind.'

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We chose Sitata for their knowledge in mobile and unique ability to improve our customer's experience

See What Sitata Can Do


Zero Friction Integration

A robust application programming interface (API) and software development kits (SDKs) allow you to quickly integrate a ready-made mobile solution into you own mobile applications.


Strengthen Your Brand

Direct integrations into your own brand and ecosystem. Use your own mobile application or work with Sitata directly. Customize emails, messaging, and other content to suit your company’s needs and business objectives.


Protect Your Travellers

Advanced software algorithms, powered by artificial intelligence, monitor the world’s traditional and social media outlets in multiple languages to detect health, safety, and weather events in real-time. Notify travellers through multiple channels including email, SMS, and mobile app push notifications.


Increase Policy Sales and Renewals

Sitata’s services help to increase engagement and provide more touch points for the policyholder before, during, and after their travels. Provide a superior mobile experience and increase the interaction with your brand to increase direct policy sales and renewals.


Improve Customer Engagement, Retention, and Satisfaction

Sitata maintains the only mobile platform that maintains engagement with a community of safe travellers. Travellers can self-report events such as pick-pocket attempts, scams, or even benign transportation tips. Travellers are rewarded for their efforts and reports are location-aware, contextual, and highly relevant.


Reduce Risk Through Education

Sitata’s trip building process provides travellers with a quick summary of essential, destination specific health & safety information prior to their travels. Sitata’s location-aware mobile technology can provide travellers with emergency numbers, assistance numbers, and full contact details of nearby hospitals.


Reduce Claims Through An Improved Medical Assistance Experience

Sitata’s technology brings to market an innovative and improved approach to medical assistance. Sitata maintains the only mobile technology which allows travellers to identify and connect with trusted local doctors. Travellers can now have a live chat with local doctors and even book housecalls. Applications leveraging Sitata’s technology can improve customer satisfaction by providing a better assistance experience and help avoid costly, unnecessary emergency room visits by directing travelers to a local doctor when applicable.

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