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The Kingdom of Spain is located in southwestern Europe between Portugal and France, with borders on the Mediterranean Sea, the Bay of Biscay, and the North Atlantic Ocean. The population of Spain is approximately 46 million people. While Spanish is the official language, there are recognised regional languages of Aranese, Basque, Catalan, and Galician.

The government of Spain is a constitutional monarchy with a king as chief of state and a president as head of government. The monarchy is hereditary. The president is proposed by the monarch and is usually the leader of the majority party or majority coalition.

Spain was one of the great powers in history. This country left its influence in the many areas and countries that were explored or colonized. In more recent history, Spain has experienced civil war and dictatorships; but with the death of General Franco in 1975, there has been a firmly established parliamentary democracy. Spain is a developed country with a large modern economy and very high living standards.

Spain is second only to Italy in numbers of UNESCO World Heritage Sites; and worldwide, Spain has the greatest number of World Heritage Cities.

Currency EUR: Euro
Language Spanish
Capital Madrid
Recent Alerts 5
Latest Alert April 15, 2021 - Spain: Demonstration in Madrid on 16 April

Diseases To Be Aware Of

The diseases listed below are those which occur most often in Spain. Other, less frequently encountered diseases might be displayed within the Travel Alerts section if they have occurred recently.

Hepatitis A

There is a risk for acquiring hepatitis A in Spain.


Rabies may be present in bats.

Hepatitis B

There is a risk of infection with hepatitis B for this country.

Vaccinations to Consider

The following is a list of recommended vaccinations for travelling to Spain.

Hepatitis A Vaccine

There is a risk of infection with hepatitis A for this country, therefore, the vaccination is recommended.

Rabies Vaccine

Vaccination against rabies is recommended for travellers whose activities or employment may bring them into direct contact with bats (i.e. adventure travellers, veterinarians, wildlife professionals, researchers, etc.).

Hepatitis B Vaccine

There is a low risk of infection with hepatitis B for this country, however, the vaccination is recommended.

Medications to Consider

The following is a list of recommended medications for travelling to Spain.

None required.

Safety and Security in Spain

Emergency Numbers

061 Medical emergencies

Personal Safety

Most travellers to Spain do not experience any safety or security risks as the country is generally safe, and violent crime is rare. However, petty crime against tourists does occur, especially in major cities and during holidays and festivals.

Travellers are advised to be wary of people attempting to create distractions, particularly in crowded areas, as pickpockets often work in teams. Some may also pose as police officers and demand to see valuables and documentation. Travellers should ensure their valuables and travel documents, especially passports, are kept hidden and secure at all times.

Extreme Violence

Attacks on the island of Mallorca, such as car bombings and small-scale explosions continue to occur despite increased security. The Basque terrorist group ETA (Euskadi Ta Askatasuna – Basque Homeland and Liberty) has been responsible for many shootings and bombings in Spain over the past 50 years. Spanish institutions, tourist areas, and transportations sites are generally targeted by the group.

Political Unrest

Planned and spontaneous demonstrations occur in Spain frequently, particularly in Madrid and Barcelona. Minimize safety risk by avoiding public and political gatherings and demonstrations since even peaceful protests can unexpectedly escalate and become violent.

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