COVID-19 Precautionary Measures in Saint Lucia (7 April Update)

Can a resident enter the country?

  • Yes

  • Citizens and residents can enter Saint Lucia.

Can a foreigner enter the country?

  • Yes

  • Foreigners can enter Saint Lucia.

Is a test required on arrival?

  • Yes, with exceptions

  • All travellers will be subject to health screenings and temperature checks on arrival.

  • All symptomatic passengers will be isolated and tested. Travellers with a positive test result will be transferred to the Respiratory Hospital for treatment and care at their own expense.

Test certificate required?

  • Yes

  • All persons five years of age and older travelling to Saint Lucia must submit proof of PCR test results performed within the past five days by email to [email protected] before their arrival. Travellers must print and travel with a copy of the submission and confirmation email, the “Travel Authorization Letter”, and a copy of the test results.

  • Passengers without a negative PCR test certificate will be denied boarding.

Is quarantine required on arrival?

  • Yes, with exceptions

  • Travellers arriving from within the Designated Travel Bubble with a travel history in bubble countries in the last 21 days will be exempt from quarantine. The entry requirements for travellers from the travel bubble can be found here.

  • All international visitors must stay at a COVID-certified property for the duration of their stay. The details for international travellers can be found here.

  • All vessels arriving from countries outside of the Caribbean Designated Travel Bubble must present a negative COVID-19 test certificate and complete the required 14-day quarantine. All international visitors from outside the travel bubble must quarantine at a government or COVID-19 certified facility.

  • All returning residents, excluding those from within the travel bubble, will be required to quarantine at a government or COVID-19 certified facility for up to 14-days. Returning residents and nationals may apply for home quarantine at least 7 days before arriving in Saint Lucia. More information can be found here.

  • All symptomatic passengers will be isolated, tested and quarantined until the test results are available. All visitors who have a positive test will be transferred to a treatment facility until two negative COVID-19 test results are received, and they are declared clinically stable.

  • All the visitors will be transferred to approved COVID-19 accommodation or the quarantine location through a certified taxi.

  • Travellers staying in a COVID-19 Certified hotel will be required to remain within that property for the duration of their stay, unless on an excursion arranged by the hotel.

  • Maximum days of quarantine: 14 days

  • Minimum days of quarantine: 0

Entry form required?

  • Yes

  • All arriving visitors (18 years or above) must complete a Pre-Arrival Travel Registration Form available online and a health screening form. Reservations for either a government quarantine facility or a certified COVID-19 facility must be made in advance of arrival.

  • Travellers must complete the travel authorization no less than 7 days before entering Saint Lucia. If the authorization is done at the last minute, travellers are required to forward their registration confirmation email that they will receive to [email protected].

Is vaccination required?

  • No

  • A vaccination for COVID-19 is not required for entry into the country.

Is insurance required?

  • No

  • Proof of insurance coverage for COVID-19 expenses is not required to enter the country.

Recommended border app

  • Yes

  • There is a mandatory contact tracing app called “758 Care Alert.” The app is available in both Android and iOS platforms.

Airline restrictions

  • Minimal

  • International and domestic passenger flights are operating.

Border restrictions

  • Minimal

  • Borders are open to visitors from all countries.

  • The list of countries that are part of the Designated Travel Bubble can be found here.

  • All vessels must receive prior approval to enter Saint Lucia.

Curfew restrictions

  • Moderate

  • The “State of Emergency” has been extended until 16 May 2021.

  • A nationwide curfew from 21:00-04:00 (local time) will be in effect until at least 16 April.

Social distancing restrictions

  • Moderate

  • All COVID-19 measures below will remain in effect until at least 16 April. More information can be found here.

  • Social gatherings are prohibited. However, social gatherings with up to 10 members of an immediate family are allowed.

  • Work from home is recommended whenever possible.

  • A social distance of six feet (2 meters) must be observed at all times in public places.

Internal travel restrictions

  • Minimal

  • Masks are required for public transportation.

  • Taxis will operate with a limited number of passengers. Passengers are not allowed to sit next to the driver’s seat.

  • Car hire or rental is available for passengers arriving from the designated travel bubble countries.

Non-essential shops open?

  • Yes

  • Non-essential businesses may reopen with safety protocols.

  • The sale of alcohol at supermarkets, gas stations, and minimarts is allowed.

  • All business and commercial activities must close by 20:00 (local time).

Accommodations open?

  • Yes, with exceptions

  • Many hotels are allowed to reopen with certification. The list of certified hotels can be found here. Restaurants inside hotels or guesthouses can provide services for guests only.

Restaurants open?

  • Yes

  • Restaurants are allowed to open. Licensed restaurants are permitted to serve alcohol as a part of the dine-in service only.

Bars and cafes open?

  • Yes, with exceptions

  • Stand-alone bars will be allowed to operate between 11:00 and 20:00 (local time). However, only take-away services will be allowed.

Personal care services open?

  • Yes

  • Non-essential businesses may reopen with safety protocols.

Places of worship open?

  • Yes

  • Places of worship are allowed to open.

Events allowed?

  • No with exceptions

  • Mass crowds and social events are strictly prohibited.

  • All indoor and outdoor sporting activities are banned. More information can be found [here](

  • Weddings, funerals and baptism are allowed with up to 50 people.

  • Special events, such as boat excursions, are allowed with up to 10 people, but only for the Crewed Yacht Charters and family boaters, and the excursion plans must be pre-reported to the lighthouse.

Masks required in public?

  • Yes

  • People must use face masks while in public places and on-island transportation.


  • Schools must remain closed for in-person classes and can operate on multimedia platforms. However, in-person training and instruction for third-term students are allowed.

  • Banks, credit unions, and other services are advised to increase the working hours to reduce crowd gatherings and excessive lines. Safety protocols must be followed.

  • Slaughterhouses and butchers are allowed to remain open.

Advice For Travellers

The COVID-19 epidemic is constantly changing worldwide. Travel and border restrictions may change with little or no notice. Airlines may have their own requirements for testing, masking, and distancing. It is recommended that travellers carry a supply of face masks since the requirement can vary by location. It is recommended that travellers practice social distancing and maintain a 6-foot distance from other individuals and avoid crowded areas. Check with your airline, booking agent, or country's embassy for information on your specific travel plans.