COVID-19 Precautionary Measures in Kiribati (14 December Update)

*Can a resident enter the country? *

  • Yes

  • Repatriating citizens and residents are allowed to enter.

  • Any travellers returning to Kiribati, who have been in or transited countries with confirmed local transmission in the past 14 days are not allowed to enter.

*Can a foreigner enter the country? *

  • No

  • Foreigners are not allowed to enter Kiribati.

*Is transit allowed through the country? *

  • No

  • Transit is not allowed through Kiribati.

*Is a test required on arrival? *

  • No

  • Travellers will have their temperature screened on arrival at airports and seaports. Symptomatic passengers will not be allowed to board.

*Test certificate required? *

  • Yes with exceptions

  • All travellers from countries must undergo medical clearance which includes a negative RT-PCR certificate obtained within 72 hours before departure from the embarkation point. All negative test results will be forwarded to Dr. Tekeua Uriam email [email protected], and copy Maryanne Namakin [email protected] prior to departure.

*Is quarantine required on arrival? *

  • Yes with exceptions

  • Travellers intending to return from a country with local COVID-19 transmission to Kiribati must undergo a 14 day mandatory quarantine in a designated location in the departure country, prior to departing for Kiribati.

  • On arrival, passengers will undergo mandatory a 14 day quarantine at a designated location.

  • The list of the countries with the ongoing local transmission can be found at this link.

  • Travellers who arrive earlier than the required 14 days waiting period may be subject to quarantine on arrival or deportation.

*Entry form required? *

  • Yes

  • All arriving travellers must present a Health Arrival Form/health declaration form stating that the travellers have been free from COVID-19 symptoms during the last two weeks before the flight date and copies of e-tickets. The health declaration form is available here.

Airline restrictions

  • Significant

  • Commercial flights are very limited. Passengers are advised to contact airlines/travel company directly for availability of flights.

  • All passengers travelling by the Honolulu-Xmas-Nadi flight, from Kiritimati to Nadi must quarantine for 14 days in Fiji before returning to Kiritimati (Christmas Island).

  • If the traveller arrives within the 14-day period, health quarantine measures will be applied and deportation to the country of travel origin will be considered.

  • Face masks are mandatory in the departure terminal, in-flight, and on arrival at Kiribati airport.

Border restrictions

  • Significant

  • All borders are currently closed until at least 31 December 2020.

Curfew restrictions

  • Minimal

  • There is no curfew in effect.

Social distancing restrictions

  • Minimal

  • Citizens are encouraged to practice strict hygiene measures, including minimizing attendance at public gatherings, maintaining two-meter social distancing, and washing hands for 20 seconds after touching surfaces or after any activity. The government has advised citizens to avoid visiting animal markets.

Internal travel restrictions

  • Minimal

  • There are no internal restrictions on travel within Kiribati.

*Non-essential shops open? *

  • Yes

  • All businesses are open.

*Accommodations open? *

  • Yes

  • Accommodations are open.

*Restaurants open? *

  • Yes

  • Restaurants are open.

*Bars and cafes open? *

  • Yes

  • Bars and cafes are open.

*Personal care services open? *

  • Yes

  • Personal care service businesses are open.

*Masks required in public? *

  • No with exceptions

  • Face masks are mandatory in the departure terminal, in-flight, and on arrival at Kiribati airport.


  • Currently, Kiribati is virus-free, and thus, there are no restrictions on any businesses.

Advice For Travellers

The COVID-19 epidemic is constantly changing worldwide. This information is subject to change as the situation evolves. Travel and border restrictions may change with little or no notice. Some countries are beginning to remove some restrictions gradually. Check with your airline, booking agent, or country's embassy for information on your specific travel plans.