COVID-19 Precautionary Measures in Guernsey (14 May Update)

Can a resident enter the country?

  • Yes

  • Residents are allowed to enter.

Can a foreigner enter the country?

  • Yes

  • Foreigners are allowed to enter. Previously, countries were classified as Category 1 to 4. However, at this time, authorities have temporarily suspended the country and region categorisations, and all arrivals into Guernsey will be classified as ‘Category 4’

Is a test required on arrival?

  • Yes

- The Civil Contingencies Authority (CAA) of Guernsey has suspended the country and region categorisations temporarily and is treating all arrivals as ‘Category 4’ arrivals. All arrivals are subject to have a test upon arrival.

Is quarantine required on arrival?

  • Yes

  • Travellers must self-isolate for 21 days. In order to leave self-isolation early, visitors must take tests on day 1 (on arrival) and on day 13 and receive a negative result for both. If anyone declines to take tests on day 1 and on day 13, they will have to remain in self-isolation for 21 days. Children under 12 years will only need a negative test on day 13 regardless of their travel history.

  • Information about passive and enhanced passive follow-up is available here.

  • Anyone travelling to Alderney or Sark from Guernsey will have to isolate for 14 days on arrival.

Entry form required?

  • Yes, with exceptions

  • Arrivals into Guernsey, including aircraft and private vessels, must register their journey on Travel Tracker.

  • Visitors to Guernsey are required to demonstrate their travel is essential by applying for an Essential Travel Permit.

  • Travellers are also required to sign a legal acknowledgment of self-isolation form on arrival. These will be provided to passengers at check-in before departure.

Recommended Border App

  • Yes

  • It is recommended that travellers use local COVID-19 tracing apps.

Is vaccination required?

  • No

  • A vaccination for COVID-19 is not required for entry into the country.

Airline restrictions

  • Significant

  • Limited flights are operating from Alderney and Guernsey airports.

Curfew restrictions

  • Minimal

  • There is no curfew in place.

  • Guernsey, Alderney, and Sark all are under the “Recovery Stage 3” phase, and therefore, there is no requirement for social distancing and face coverings.

Social distancing restrictions

  • Minimal

  • In the “Recovery Stage 3” phase, there is no requirement for social distancing and face coverings.

Internal travel restrictions

  • Minimal

  • Bus services are operating.

  • Non-essential travel on or after 30 April 2021 will be subject to border controls based on country/region categorisation. These will determine the self-isolation requirements.

Non-essential shops open?

  • Yes

  • Non-essential shops are open.

Accommodations open?

  • Yes

  • Accommodations are open.

Restaurants open?

  • Yes

  • Restaurants are open.

Bars and cafes open?

  • Yes

  • Bars and cafes are open.

Museums and heritage sites open?

  • Yes

  • Museums and heritage sites are open.

Personal care services open?

  • Yes

  • Personal care services are open.

Places of worship open?

  • Yes

  • Places of worship are open.

Events Allowed

  • Yes

  • Large indoor events are allowed with more than 100 people. The event must keep a record of attendance and meet Public Health guidance. Guidance can be accessed at this link

Masks required in public?

  • No

  • In “Recovery Stage 3”, face coverings are optional in enclosed spaces.

Advice For Travellers

The COVID-19 epidemic is changing constantly worldwide. This information is subject to change as the situation evolves. Travel and border restrictions may change with little or no notice. Some countries are beginning to remove some restrictions gradually. Check with your airline, booking agent, or country's embassy for information on your specific travel plans.